A video will show, especially through your nonverbal communication, just how likeable you are, something about your personal character that people can connect with and that you care about your clients' best interests.

Have you ever felt people do not really know and understand the kind of person you are, or the type of organization you haveA video can reveal more about you than if someone reads every page on your website.

Direct Motion Marketing is a creative video production company located in Centennial, Colorado, with a strong understanding of the sales process.  The producer, J.C., has an accomplished record in sales and marketing from a former successful career in the financial services industry.   J.C. helps individuals and organizations achieve their goals as well as enhance their business relationships by producing aesthetic effective video presentations.

J.C. believes that having professional image and audio quality in a video is imperative; however,  communicating the right message is what is most important.  This is because communicating the right message on a video can show what written pages of text cannot show - and that is a person's character.  How J.C. contributes in a vital way is by asking the right questions and listening to what the objectives are - and then helping his clients articulate an effective message. 

Below are examples of some of the video presentations produced by Direct Motion Marketing.  Please contact J.C. at (720) 624-9011 if you have questions.

J.C. also owns Live Streaming International, a company that will live broadcast any event - any where on the world wide web (www.LiveStreamingInternational.com)

This company takes the worry out of your video project.  We listen to what you want to accomplish, help you create and deliver the best presentation possible and then produce a video that looks absolutely great on your website.