A 4K video has 4 times the resolution of a High Definition video.  Usually, a very good photograph can be taken off of a 4K video.  The adjacent photograph is a good example.  It was taken from a 4K video.  Often, livestock will pose perfectly during a video, and that perfect pose can be transferred to a photograph.

Photographs can be taken from a 4K video:

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Included in this price is the creation of a video catalog where all of the videos will be professionally displayed.  A few examples of additional services offered include added footage showing multiple scenes of an animal, photographs and videos of sires and dams included in a video as well as titles to encourage interest. 

Included with the price of a photograph is minor Photoshop work.  Minor Photoshop work includes enhancing the attractiveness of a photograph such as minor changes in the background, as well as removing minor amounts of dirt, manure or straw off of an animal.  Additional time spent making major background changes or removing excessive amounts of dirt and manure from an animal will incur additional costs.

Videography:  Pricing starts at $25 per head for sale lots.

Photography:  Pricing starts at $50 per head.