EXPERIENCE:  J.C. grew up on a purebred Angus operation in Iowa.  He has fed, fitted and shown many National and State-Fair winners.  He has known a production sale to be the biggest payday of the year.  J.C. has seen the world through the eyes of a successful purebred cattle producer.  Knowing how seed-stock producers think when they buy cattle has greatly influenced the type of livestock videos he creates.

Many videos only show a side shot.  Videos produced by J.C., show front, rear as well as side shots.  When videos show more than a side shot, buyers are more sure of how the livestock look and have confidence to bid without ever seeing them in person.


Click here to learn more about J.C., or give him a call anytime at (720) 624-9011.

Technical Expertise:  J.C. began taking photographs and videos in his family's business.  He gained professional expertise from 15+ years of experience and courses from an accredited college that he completed in photography and photo editing as well as video acquisition and video editing.

A video catalog is designed to integrate with your auction.  An Internet link will be given to whomever will host your auction. This link is to a web page where your videos will be professionally displayed in a video catalog. Click  here to view video catalogs 

J.C. is a professional  photographer and videographer who happened to grow up on

a purebred cattle operation.  He takes great pride in utilizing and bringing those

professional skills back to the livestock industry...