Please call for pricing on the promotional videos shown below.  They illustrate other services offered, which include titles, superimposing a speaker along with including photographs and videos of sires and dams in the video.

Many videos only show a side shot.  There are times that a side shot is sufficient.  However, there are times when showing multiple scenes of an animal in a video can be beneficial.  When a video shows front and rear shots, buyers may have more confidence to bid without ever seeing those animals in person.

A Different Approach - multiple scenes from different angles can be beneficial.

"It depends on your market"

The correct strategy depends on your market.  For example, if a rancher has a strong bull market where many of the customers will be at the sale, then perhaps a video of a side shot on most of the bulls is all that is necessary.  For those bulls that may be of interest to buyers who live further away and that cannot attend the auction, videos of these bulls that show multiple scenes may be beneficial.

Video Catalog - A video catalog is provided to integrate with your auction.  An Internet link will be given to whomever will host your auction. This link is to a web page where your videos will be professionally displayed in this video catalog. This web page can be designed with the branding of your business. 

Please click on the link to the respective video catalog below: